Do you want to attract customers through social media marketing?
We will create an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram for you or optimize your ongoing advertising campaigns!
What is Facebook-advertising?
More than two billion people use Facebook every month. With Facebook advertising tools you can reach customers on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network. Facebook lets you target advertising to your potential customers.
How to create Facebook ads?
Together, we set the advertising goals of your advertising campaigns (brand awareness, traffic, new leads), select the appropriate Facebook channels and prepare a media plan.
We will choose the campaign type for your services, set the daily budget, and search for your audience using targeting settings. We will create an advertising campaign for you in 5 days.
Once your ad campaigns are running, we'll take control over them. We regularly analyze whether your ads are delivered efficiently and make adjustments as needed.
Why sould you advertise on Facebook?
Facebook advertising is a good starting point.
Every day Facebook and Instagram are used by about 2.2 billion people. Many companies are already present here.
Targeting options
Facebook offers many targeting options. In Facebook, one can very carefully define the target group and switch ads only for this group.
Destionation pages
Unlike Google Ads, your Facebook ads may not only be redirected to your website, but to your Facebook / Instagram profiles.
Do you want a
Facebook/Instagram ads campaign?
We will set up an advertising campaign for you in 5 days. In doing so, we respect your objectives and wishes.
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Facebook advertising campaign is just a good starting point.