Do you have fewer customers than your competitors?

We will analyze your website and the websites of your competitors according to the main parameters and give recommendations on how you can perform better than your competitors.
What is a competitive analysis?
We will compare your website with the websites of your competitors and look for a variety of optimization options for your website. So we will optimize your advertising presence and boost your sales!
How does the competitive analysis work?
Determination of the competitors
At first you give us a list with the websites of your competitors. If you do not know your competitors, we'll choose them ourselves. Then we ask you to grant us a read-only access to your advertising campaigns so that we can choose better landing pages.

We will analyze the websites of your competitors and compare them with your landing pages. We define the respective weaknesses and strengths of your landing pages and prepare a complete analysis.

We will present a competitive analysis to you and give recommendations on the structure and content of your landing pages to make them more user-friendly.
Why do you need a competitive analysis?
Most users need about 10 seconds to understand if they want to stay on a website.
Make your website as attractive as possible for your users! In the analysis we pay attention to these factors:
1 Structure
If the user takes the first look at your website, he usually immediately understands what it is about and if he wants to stay on the website. A clear presentation of your services and easy website navigation are the cornerstones of a good website.
2 Design
Old-fashioned web design shows that you do not go with the times. Refresh never hurts. Create a modern website!
3 Loading time
Long loading time is annoying. If a web page loads too long, most users will leave the website and start searching again. Customize your website to the users!
4 Content and keywords
Does your landing page match your ads and keywords? Choose a landing page that's right for your ad and keywords, or you'll lose a lot of potential customers.

5 Return message
Check if your potential customer can contact you directly through your website, order a product, or request counsulting. Create a user-friendly website!
6 Google Analytics
When you advertise online, be sure you save and analyze all statistics. Google Analytics allows you to get statistics about your website, to evaluate conversions or to work out further advertising strategies.
Do you want a competitive analysis?
We prepare a clear presentation with the optimization suggestions for your website in 3-5 days.
Request a competitive analysis!
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The competition analysis is only the first step on the way to a long-term cooperation.