Is your campaign in Google Ads ineffective?
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What is an audit?
As part of the audit, we will do a detailed analysis of your advertising campaigns in Google Ads. Our specialists will pinpoint all the mistakes in the settings of your advertising campaigns and give practical recommendations which may help you to reduce the costs of customer acquisition.
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How does an audit work?
You give us read-only access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts
(if present).
Our specialists evaluate your keywords, text ads, bids and other parameters of your advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Google Analytics. In 3-5 days you will receive an audit with the optimization suggestions.
We present the results of the audit and answer all your questions. If you agree with the recommendations, we can optimize your advertising campaigns and make corrections.
Why do you need an audit?
A deep audit conducted by our experts provides you with an objective & fair evaluation of your advertising campaigns.
With our recommendations you can:
up to 80%
reduce your advertising budget
up to 70%
reduce the number of irrelevant search queries
up to 60%
lower cost per acquisition
Do you want an audit?
We will prepare a 30-page document with detailed analysis of your advertising campaigns and practical recommendations in 3-5 days.
You are not alone with your questions.
The most important answers can be found here:
How do we analyze the keywords?
We evaluate your keywords and negative keywords. Then we search for other relevant keywords, search for the duplicate entries and analyze the match types.
How do we check the parameters of ad campaigns?
We make sure your Google Ads campaigns are set up properly. We set up the ad scheduler settings, geo-targeting, and proper layout of your ad campaigns.
What do we need for an audit?
As a first step, we will ask you to grant us a read-only access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. If you want, we can send you the instructions. Then we accept the invitation and start working. Finally, you should list the campaigns that we should analyze and we will create an audit of your campaigns.
You are interested. What now?
From now on, everything is simple: Just contact us by email, telephone or contact form and our manager will explain the work steps to you.
If you still have questions, we would be pleased to help you.
Further offers for you
The audit of the advertising campaigns is only the first step on the way to a long-term cooperation.